Why India needs to find it’s green in 2018


Plants are the backbone of life. In our everyday life, food, water, air, life-saving medicines, everything we need to survive comes from plants. While deforestation and felling of trees is not something we see on a day to day basis, it is essential to understand the adverse effects they have on our lives- poor air quality and climate change being the most detrimental. This year, we definitely need to find our green.

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#FindYourGreen is all about feeling responsible towards conserving and expanding any patch of green. Think about what matters to you the most. More importantly, think about what you can do to protect it. This year, pick a green patch that resonates with you the most. Is it the park in which you played as a child? Or a forest that you visited that changed your life? Your green could even be your balcony garden that lets you enjoy a moment of zen.


Image source: hpebss.com

Once you’ve found your green, think of ways in which you can conserve it and of course, expand it. How about supporting NGOs that protect forests? Or hosting a weekend planting drive for your neighbourhood? Stay tuned to our Facebook page to know all about green spaces and how to conserve and enlarge them.

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