Why fostering an animal is the best way to help out!

Over the past few months, the novel corona virus has swept through the world and left us all shaken. Most countries have either initiated lockdowns or are on the verge of doing so and apart from us, this poses a huge problem for animal shelters everywhere, who depend on other people so that they can continue to save lives. And that’s why the best way to help animals and shelters right now is to become a foster parent.

1.They’re the best roommates to isolate yourself with:


Whether you live alone or with others, nothing really beats a wake-up cuddle from your  fur buddy. Having a pet nearby can reduce blood pressure and alleviate anxiety and we all need a bit of that right now.

2. You’re saving lives:


Source: Newsjizz

Typically, animal shelters are always filled to the breaking point but currently the situation is worse than ever. Space is the biggest constraint for a shelter which is why when you choose to foster a pet, you free up a spot for another animal in need.

3. It’s flexible


Source: Dogs today magazine

We know that adopting a pet is a huge responsibility and should never be done without careful consideration. And sometimes even post the detailed analysis,  mom is the one hurdle that you just can’t get past. But that’s what makes fostering so perfect. You’re basically choosing to get a temporary pet ,to help it get back on its feet without any of the long-term commitment. In fact, it might be a good way to see if you’re ready to be a full-time pet parent or not.

4. They’ll keep you feeling productive:


Foster pets are definitely work. But considering we’re all locked in our homes, getting insanely bored with nothing to do except watch our favourite sitcom for the millionth time, a foster pet is perfect to keep you moving and doing things. They’ll love to play all day and will never complain if you give them too much attention.

5.There’s no better time to do it:


Source: Flutur

Let’s face it, the past few months haven’t been easy on any of us. And a four-legged silver lining that snuggles up beside you when you’re feeling down is exactly what we need right now. If you’ve thought about doing it for a while, there’s no better time to take the leap and bring a pet home.

If you can’t foster then do your bit by helping the animals on the street with some food and a bowl of water. There are also a number of NGOs  across the country that are going out of their way to ensure that no stray animal starves during this lockdown. You can choose to donate money to help them cover more ground and feed more animals!

Considering the current situation around the world, it’s going to be a while before things get back to normal. And sure, it’s scary but the animals need us now ,more than ever. It’s amazing to see how all over the world people are coming together (remotely of course) and helping each other get through this because guarding hope is so important. And you’ll never find a more concentrated dose of hope than in a four-legged friend who needs you.


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