The Best of Mumbai’s Marine Life!

The city of Mumbai doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to matters of cleanliness, especially the beaches of the city. Go to any beach and you’re sure to be greeted by a patch of fresh garbage that came in with the tide. You’d expect no type of marine life to thrive here but surprisingly there are few marine organisms that still call Mumbai their home. Here are 4!


1. Fiddler crabs:


Orange bodied and distinguished by their disproportionate claws, Fiddler crabs usually are located in muddy areas around Mumbai, like Carter Road and Juhu Beach. They are so in tune with the tides that even when kept in captivity they are able to discern the timing and understand the level of the tides.


2. Hermit Crabs:


Hermit crabs get their name from their habit of living in discarded objects, usually old shells. As they grow and their old shells get too small for them, they leave and find a new, bigger shell to which they attach themselves. Hermit crabs are often seen on beaches and around water-filled areas.


3. Mudskipper fish:


Usually seen near the water on beaches, the Mudskipper is an elongated fish that has the ability to climb, walk and skip even out of the water. They absorb oxygen through trapped air in their gill chambers as well as through their skin, allowing them to live without being submerged. You can spot them at a beach or the marshy land near Sewri Flamingo Point.


4. Starfish:


Did you ever think you’d see star fish in Mumbai? Found near rocky areas like Marine Drive, the shape and bright pop of colour makes the starfish easy to spot during low-tide. They possess the ability to regrow limbs and are some of the most durable species that exist.


It’s amazing that even a city like Mumbai has a diversity of marine life. And just imagine the potential for growth if we all made an effort to keep our city cleaner . We’ve seen the effect of citizen led action, when for the first  time in 20 years we had Olive Ridley turtles hatch on Versova Beach, all thanks to the efforts made for its clean up.

This is what we must strive for! Remember, even the smallest actions can have a huge impact.



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