Sustainable fashion – Jeans edition

What do you do when a pair of jeans is worn out or you no longer need it?

You either discard it in the bin or simply give it away not knowing where it ends up, right? Read below to know why that’s not a good idea.

The fashion industry is the second largest polluter in the world. Our fast-fashion trends are having a disastrous impact on the environment. Only by having the willingness to change this behaviour and by adopting a sustainable approach towards the fashion choices we make, can we alter this situation.

Jeans are a universal garment owned by majority of individuals. They are also the one that draws our attention because a single pair of jeans require 2,000 gallons of water for production. That’s equivalent to the average amount of water a person drinks in the span of 7 years! Hence, every pair of jeans that you own are precious and must be preserved. Also, the ones that you are about to buy must be consciously chosen with the intent of wearing them for a long period of time.

You’d ask us, what about the ones that no longer fit or are completely worn out? Well, there are plenty environmentally friendly solutions for them as well. Keep reading.

Creative ways you can re-purpose your old Jeans:

1. Cut them in to shorts

Source: Scissor Twists

Source: Scissor Twists

There comes a time when you are either bored of your jeans or find them inappropriate for summers. At such times, throwing out your jeans is not the solution. Simply grab a pair of scissors and cut them short. And *voila* you have instantly created a fine new edition to your wardrobe.

2. Upcycle your denim in to a backpack/bag

Source: Makeit-Loveit

Source: Makeit-Loveit

It’d be a shame if we let go of a fabric as sturdy as jeans if we didn’t use it to the max! Stitch yourself a one-of-a-kind backpack or a tote bag with those worn out bits, Now, you can carry your favourite jeans with you wherever you go.

3. Sleep in your denims!

Source: Brit + co

Source: Brit + Co

If you’re about to dispose off your jeans because they no longer make you feel comfortable, here’s what you should do- Turn them in to pillows! Besides looking uber cool they are extremely easy to make. Now, you can literally sleep in your denims 😉

4. Clutch on to your old jeans

Source: Instructables

Source: Instructables

Denim goes with everything. How about turning yours in to an everyday clutch/wallet? Add on a few zippers, buttons and some sequins and you’re good to go. When it comes to jeans, make every penny count.

5. Denim Rug

Source: Brooklyn Art Project

Source: Brooklyn Art Project

When several worn out jeans combine, you get this- a denim rug! Stitch together strips of your old pair of jeans to make a unique textured rug for your living room.

6. Denim bucket

Source: Denim bucket

Source: Denim bucket

Your old jeans can re-purpose in to adorable denim buckets. Now, no more messy desks. Store your stationary at work or tiny accessories at home.

7. Donate for the welfare of animals

Source: Motopaws

Source: Motopaws

Your old jeans can give a new lease of life to a stray. Motopaws is one such organization that collects worn out jeans and turns them in to collars for stray dogs. These collars are topped with retro reflective tape that protect these animals from unfortunate accidents.

There are plenty more ways to recycle/upcycle your pair of jeans. One only needs to have the will to preserve the environment. We hope you consider all these factors the next time you go shopping or want to dispose off your old pair.

Share with us some more creative ways through which you can adopt sustainable fashion. Here is our initiative in- Mi wardrobe is Su wardrobe, where you can shop from a celebrity’s closet. Thereby contributing towards the welfare of the environment & animals.

This month, the one & only Anushka Sharma is sharing her closet with us. Take a look –


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