Sudhir Badami’s CoAdoption Story

Sudhir Badami, a pet owner himself, felt so strongly about making a change for the stray dogs in this community, that he made it his mission to ensure their good health and safety. After gaining extensive knowledge about the subject, he initiated a co-adoption program in his apartment complex Oberoi Splendor, JVLR, Mumbai.

Sudhir Badami Stray Dogs

Today, they have a dedicated bank account with investments from resident members for the regular care of their community dogs. This includes sterilization of all dogs, annual vaccinations and quality dog food as certified by a vet. An aggressive male dog has now been trained by a certified behaviorist and works as a guard dog with the security team at Oberoi Splendor. The dogs have also alerted citizens to the presence of snakes within the complex, which were then rehabilitated by the Forest Department.

However, it wasn’t always this easy. Sudhir struggled for years to bring about this movement, but he admires the changes it has brought about, not just for the dogs but also for his community members. The children in the colony have learned not to fear the dogs. Rather, they’ve found companions in them.

Pets make the best companions for kids. As one of our Coexist community members on Facebook, Manu Pande, rightly pointed out,

“Walking or playing with a dog every day ensures scheduled physical exertion/activity which at times is missing from our kids’ daily lives.

Dogs tend to make one more forgiving, definitely make people empathetic and communicative, inculcate a ‘giving’ attitude and a sense of respect for life”

Sudhir Badami Stray Dogs

Sudhir’s story only goes to show that one person can make a difference, and everyone should try. This is yet another success story of man and animal, living together in harmony, CoExisting.

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