Managing Household Waste, Effectively

Sustainable living is something that all of us should strive for. One of the major ways in which we can contribute towards sustainable living is by managing our waste effectively. Improper waste management has a detrimental impact on the environment. We can all help in the smallest of ways by initiating waste management right from our homes. Read on to find out some simple things you can adopt.

1.Out with single-use plastics

Start by  ditching single use plastics! A designated cloth bag is ideal for grocery shopping – it’s sturdier, looks better and is easy to maintain. Another single-use plastic item that we can easily do away with is the plastic bottle. Carry your own glass or steel bottle – not only is it good for the environment, but it’s good for your health too. GroceryBag1-5a47f57ebeba330037d85fb2

Source: The Spruce Crafts

2.Composting food waste

Did you know that all those fruit and veggie peels that you throw away can be put to good use? Organic food waste is an excellent source for compost , which  can then be used to nourish and grow a garden. If your house has a balcony or a backyard, this is something that you must consider.


Source: Oregon Metro

3.Minimize paper usage in the e-age

We use paper daily in the form of newspapers, stationery, bills and so on. But we now live in a highly digitized world, which can help reduce our paper consumption and save our forests! Opt to read off your device, take notes on your phone and receive bills electronically .

18772787060_a6b88b52cb_z-600x383Source: Earth 911

4.Reuse metal containers.

Does this refresh memories of how your mothers and grandmothers reused large, cookie tins as sewing kits? Well, there is no reason why the tradition should be discontinued. Find interesting uses for metal containers that have served their primary purpose. For instance, tin cans can be used as pen-stands, planters, piggy banks, etc.


Image source: Pinterest

5.Donate to cleanse your home and your soul

All of us have things lying around the house that are of no use to us and will ultimately end up in the dust bin. Whether they’re old clothes or electronic goods we don’t use anymore, there is always a place that can reuse and recycle these items. By donating to the right places, you ensure fewer items reach the landfills  , creating less waste


Source: Global Giving

Now that you know the ways to manage your waste, it’s time to begin cataloging!

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