Help your pooch beat the summer!

The summer is officially kicking in and your furry friends are starting to feel the heat too! To avoid frequent vet visits and mitigate the impact of the summer, here’s what you can do to keep your pets comfortable.

1) Keep their coats long

Resist the urge to chop off your pet’s hair.Well-kempt long hair improves circulation and regulates body temperature.adorable-animals-breed-374825

2) Walk timings

Schedule your walk early in the morning or post 4 pm. Avoid walking your pets from 1-4pm in the afternoon.


3) Do not leave your pets in the car

The temperature inside of a car rises exponentially, making it extremely dangerous.


4) Make sure you look out for signs of exhaustion

Heavy panting, vomiting, diarrhea, dry or bright red gums are signs of heat stress. Be mindful of these and take your pet to the vet. In case of a heat stroke, apply room temperature water all over the body.animal-animal-photography-blur-3330835) Keep them cool

Just as you feel hot, your pets feel it too. Keep the fan and air conditioner on for your pets especially on exceptionally hot days.





6) Indoor Freedom

Allow your pets to be completely free indoors. They will identify the coolest spots in the house.


7) Limit Physical Activity

Do not engage in intense physical activity especially during the peak of summer.


8) No confinement, especially outdoors!

Do not confine your pets to verandas or terraces; they are at a high risk of a heat stroke or even death.


9) Help the strays and birds too

To show some love to the stray animals on the road, try and leave a bowl of water outside your homes or in areas that are frequented by these animals. For the birds, you can hang water bowls on trees or leave them on your terrace.


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