Environmental wins of 2019

While 2019 witnessed its fair share of conflicts and crises, corruption and social justice concerns, there were numerous positive stories,  victories and many signs of development, predominantly when it comes to the environment.

Oceans, forests, glaciers, grasslands — nearly every part of the world’s environment is being harmed in some way. Natural resources are being severely overexploited. Different kinds of pollution are harming important habitats, and greenhouse gases are turning the planet into a hothouse that isn’t conducive to plant and animal life.

Can you believe that the last five years have been the hottest ever recorded? The sea level the highest it’s ever been. Do we really want to be remembered as the generation that buried its head in the sand, while the planet was burning?

Over the course of 2019, the global environmental movement achieved decisive wins that marked a turning point in the fight against climate change. Most of the emerging environmentalists of 2019 are youngsters! They showed extraordinary leadership and offered a new perspective, a new start.

In a decade from now, 2019 will be considered as a turning point: the year when countries began to wake-up to the climate crisis.

Here are 4 of the most promising environmental victories/developments of 2019.


1.Time to ‘Pass-on’ the planet:

 Protesters came together worldwide all through 2019. Greta Thunberg’s ‘Fridays for Future’ school protests went global in 2019 and resulted in millions of school children skipping class to call for environmental action. The global environmental movement, Extinction Rebellion, has added much-needed earnestness to policy discussions surrounding climate change through non-violent civil disobedience.

Did you know, ‘Climate Strike’ was declared the word of the year by Collins Dictionary?


Source: financial times


2. “Milkman” is the way!

Supporting the UN’s rigorous efforts to stop plastic from polluting the ocean, many countries cracked down on plastic pollution. The European Union voted to phase out most single-use plastic in March, setting a standard for member states to follow. Countries such as India and Germany declared a ban on most types of single-use plastic, while a few states in Australia and some provinces in Canada announced a ban on single-use plastic bags as well.

These state-level resolutions are being supported by bigger MNCs such as McDonalds which are going all-in on plastic substitutions.

Others such as Unilever are trying to move beyond single-use items completely by investing in “Milkman” models of consumption, in which bottles are collected, refilled, and redistributed.

Milkman is the way, let’s collect, refill and redistribute.


Source: change.org

3. Water is life, literally!

Do you know the ocean is bearing the brunt of the climate disaster by absorbing d so much carbon dioxide that the pH level is changing?

The ocean is also being choked with plastic and industrial litter, bombarded with life-threatening noise pollution and plundered by massive fishing containers. But the UN is working to shield the ocean from these threats through a series of global pacts.

This year, more than 180 countries approved to contain ocean plastic pollution by refining waste management systems. Dozens of corporations signed a pledge to prioritize the health of the oceans in their day-to-day operations.

Over the course of the year, some countries selected dozens of  protected marine areas that limit fishing and resource extraction and shield the environment from pollution and other forms of devastation.

Blue Marlin Dive Gili Trawangan - Single Use Plastic

Source: project aware


4. Visions of the future:


Recently a lot of young people around the world angrily called for an end to the extensive use of fossil fuels. They placed their efforts in a larger campaign for a progressive and comprehensive revolution of society to protect ecosystems, redistribute wealth, empower local-ethnic communities, and more.

Youth leaders arose to condemn world leaders who threatened the future of the earth by failing to take climate action.

Their determined activism has helped to make climate change an urgent political issue. 




 Remember, clean air, clean water, wild places and animals, they are all worth fighting for!


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