Environmental Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar power station power generation board, a new generation of energy supply

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Most of our electricity comes from converting fossil fuels such as coal and natural gas into energy. But how many of us are aware of how damaging this is to the environment?

The extraction of fossil fuels leads to destruction of land and is extremely dangerous and costly. The burning of these fossil fuels for energy also produces large amounts of carbon dioxide. Furthermore, we are exhausting our limited fossil fuel reserves and opting for other sources of energy has become a necessity.

This is where solar energy comes in. Solar energy is not only a renewable source of energy, but is freely available in nature, of course! By utilizing solar energy in our life, we can help better our environment

So what exactly are the benefits of solar energy?

1. Improves our air quality

Burning of fossil fuels is extremely harmful and leads air pollution. It produces carbon dioxide, methane gas and other terrible gases. This is one of the major reasons for respiratory issues among our general pollution. Solar energy, on the other hand, leads to absolutely no harmful emissions and the more widespread use of solar panels will lead to lesser burning of fossil fuels. Want to breathe that fresh air? Start by encouraging friends and family to use solar panels!


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2. Doesn’t empty our water resources

Traditional power plants such as natural gas and coal fired facilities require a huge amount of water to facilitate their vital cooling requirements. Our country really cannot afford much more water stress from thermal power plants and it’s time we turn to less water consuming renewable energy technologies. With solar energy there is no pollution of local water resources and solar photo-voltaic cells don’t need water to generate electricity.


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3. Reduces your carbon footprint

So how do I determine my carbon footprint, you ask? Well carbon footprint is the sum of all carbon dioxide emissions which were induced by your activities in a given time frame. Driving more efficient vehicles, taking public transportation, using energy efficient appliances, consuming less meat and switching to a cleaner form of energy like solar, can go a long way in helping reduce your carbon footprint.


4. It’s never ending

Solar energy is a completely free source of energy and it is found in abundance. It can be tapped into from any place on earth – from a little village to a bustling city. It’s clean, efficient and sustainable. The rate at which we consume electricity in today’s day and age means that’s we need to start looking for fossil fuel alternatives. Lucky for us, we have the sun to rescue us!


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5. Fights climate change

Climate change can no longer be ignored. Burning of fossil fuels, the release of CFCs that clog the atmosphere, depletion of forest cover are some of the activities responsible for climate change. However, as we work on and develop new technology, there’s still hope. Solar energy is a hopeful solution for a cleaner and greener environment. It poses no threat to the planet as there are no harmful emissions of any kind in its production. It helps reduce air and water pollution. Opting for solar energy means that you can make a difference!


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It’s time to go get your solar panels and help our planet, one step at a time!

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