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We all want to travel, but as tourists we tend to misuse a lot of resources. By adopting a more eco-friendly approach, we can ensure vacation time is a happy time, not only for us but for our planet too.

Wish to be an eco-friendly tourist? Here’s what you can do:

1. Pick an eco-friendly mode of transport

Is your destination accessible by road? Then driving or using public transport such as the bus is ideal! While flying seems like a more comfortable and convenient option,  it’s really, really bad for the planet. So whenever possible, opt for a fun road trip, to reduce your carbon footprint.

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2. Have a green stay

With the emergence of eco-tourism, many hotels are aiming to be as green as possible. These hotels reuse and recycle, try to keep carbon emissions to a minimum and have less to zero wastage. You can also be an eco-friendly guest and bring your own toiletries and not over utilize the hotel’s amenities.Eco-friendly-hotels-in-India-Evolve-BackSource: Agoda

3. Respect the location

Don’t be the kind of tourist who litters, destroys the natural habitat and adds to the noise pollution. Instead, be the kind of tourist who respects and cares for everything the place has to offer. Like they say, take only memories and leave only footprints!


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4. Not just eco-friendly, but local-friendly

Support the environment by supporting the locals! So Instead of eating at large, fancy restaurants or staying in luxury hotels, opt for small, local eating joints and stay at a place run by the locals. You would definitely be doing the environment a favour, as the locals always try to preserve their habitat as much as possible.


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5. Go home with the right souvenirs

We all want to bring our friends and families gifts from our travels- but how many of us are aware of what we’re buying? Very often these gift shops have souvenirs made of materials that are damaging to the environment such as animal husks, shells, coral and so on. With greater demand, comes greater supply. So it’s our responsibility to reduce demand and  bring home souvenirs that haven’t harmed anyone or anything, in the making!


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Now that you’re more aware of how you can enjoy your vacation while taking care of the environment , go forth and plan that road trip!

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