Debunking green myths

Many of us think it’s hard to go green. We’ve always got a bunch of excuses ready like “it’s too expensive” or “it’s complete bogus. So today, we’re here to turn these around by busting some common myths!

Myth #1: “There’s no getting rid of single use plastic”

On the contrary, if we all make smarter choices, we can definitely get rid of single use plastic! Saying ‘no’ to plastic bags and instead, carrying your own reusable cloth bag is one way. Even when it comes to packets of snacks and such, we can opt for better and healthier choices, the one’s which aren’t packaged in unnecessary plastic. Many supermarkets also sell grains and alike based on weight that aren’t pre-packaged. If we implement these habits, we can surely look forward to a future in which we’re not as plastic dependent!

Source: The Irish Times

Source: The Irish Times

Myth #2: “Paper is better than plastic”

This one is perhaps controversial, but there is enough evidence out there to suggest that perhaps paper isn’t as great as we think it is! Paper requires much more resources to create. This in turns leads to more use of energy, water and more carbon emissions. This is not to say use plastic, but instead, look out for alternatives to both. Use cloth bags, or bags made of recycled materials and avoid any environmentally damaging materials.

Source: Nasa Climate Kids

Source: Nasa Climate Kids


Myth #3: “Plugged in but switched off appliances don’t waste power”

This one is probably quite a surprise! Many of our appliances such as phone chargers, clocks, Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, etc. are always in ‘stand-by’ mode even when switched off. This is called vampire power and it’s as scary as it sounds. This unintentional waste of power leads to a much higher electricity consumption in the longer run. We can avoid this by using a power strip or just unplugging our gadgets when they’re not in use. It’s simple to adopt and it’s better for the environment!

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Source: Sustainable Living

Myth #4: “These small changes don’t matter”

Perhaps the biggest myth of all is that our actions as individuals don’t matter! Even small changes like using a metal straw, eating sustainably, limiting our waste and so on will make a difference in the long run – not only to our health but to the health of the planet as well.

Source: WUR

Source: WUR

Now that we’ve debunked these myths for you, go forth; go green!

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