Coexistence or No existence – Hans Dalal

Hans Dalal is the definition of co-existence. A Sound Engineer by profession, Hans is well recognized in the music industry. A visit to Kanha Tiger Reserve changed his life in a few seconds. Hans was always a naturalist but seeing a tiger in the wild for the very first time moved him to channel his love for wildlife and nature into a project that would change the fate of many.


Since his first tiger sighting, Hans has been on a mission to protect not only the diminishing population of tigers in the wild but also works towards safeguarding natural landscapes. He works closely with the forest department and is also involved with communities that inhabit the forest to help them reduce their dependency on forests.



Through his organisation, PROWL, projects such as first aid training for forest guards in the Sundarbans, setting up camera traps in Umred along with Sanctuary Asia, distributing self-purification water bottles to forest guards in Ranthambhore and Jim Corbett and providing employment opportunities to local communities via tourist guide training in Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, have been executed. PROWL is also involved in monitoring the movement of tigers with the help of camera traps between Maharashtra and Telangana and tracks conflict tigers for the Maharashtra forest department. They also extend their support to the forest department by conducting workshops for forest guards in camera trapping and monitoring.


Hans’s efforts in this field have been considered even more noteworthy because of his battle with cerebral palsy. Hans lives by the mantra – “Coexistence or no existence” and we couldn’t agree more. If we don’t make an effort to protect and restore the forest along with the animals in it, it will only be to our detriment.


We’ve got Hans along with Dia Mirza and Alia Bhatt in a live session on our Facebook page on the 7th of Feb at 2 pm. Don’t forget to tune in. Come share with us your suggestions and also feel free to participate in a Q&A session.


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