Alia Bhatt’s favourite DIY recycling hacks

In India, three million tonnes of solid waste are collected every year, out of which 11.9 million are treated and 31 million are dumped at landfill sites. It is estimated that if we continue this way, by 2030, we will need a landfill almost the size of Bengaluru. Everything we consume and throw away on a daily basis has to land up somewhere. There is no real “away”


Let’s begin 2018 by making small changes in the way we consume and more importantly, dispose. Recycling is easy, cost-effective and just what we need to do to protect the environment for our own future.


Here are a few great hacks from Alia and our Coexist community on recycling and reusing!

  1. Wrap your presents in old newspaper!


2) Turn old plastic bottles into jewellery

3) A bag made of old clothes and CDs

A clock made from old newspaper by Sonal Khandelwal

Alia bhatt


Vanika Agarwal’s DIY organisers

Alia Bhatt


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