A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indie-d!

Five years ago, it was just another day for Cara Tejpal until she saw six orphaned kittens that were brought to the shelter. Their mother had been killed by predators and the kittens, hardly two weeks old, were hungry and mewling. Being a long-time volunteer, she was aware of their low chances of survival. But, her heart ached to adopt all of them anyway and that’s exactly what she did. Because, if it meant saving even one life, then it would all be worth it for her.

Despite round the clock nursing and two-hourly feeds, five of the kittens did not make it. The last and sixth one rewarded Cara’s efforts; she not only survived but thrived under her care. She was named Smallie and contrary to her name, became a massive part of Cara’s world.

kitty 1
This isn’t the first time Cara has added a furry member to her family, she has also been taking care of two cats & five dogs. Today, Smallie rules the rest of the gang at home and keeps everyone on their toes. She is like a streak of light running around the house. Like most pets, Smallie dislikes vet visits, but Cara ensures no health measures are overlooked in Smallie’s care. Her shenanigans keep everyone entertained and in fits of laughter. “And the family would not trade her for absolutely anything in the world” says Cara.


It is the hope of giving the strays/indies a fighting chance of survival, even just a sliver of it at times, which gives Cara the motivation to continue her efforts towards animal welfare. Her efforts aren’t just commendable, but a lesson all of us could learn from.

For every human seeking a pet companion, there is a stray/ indie out there who deserves all the love & affection. They’re helpless but you’re not, adopt one today & give them a second chance at life, we all need it sometimes.

To get more information regarding adoption processes, here are a bunch of organisations you could reach out to:

Compassion Unlimited Plus Action (CUPA, Bangalore) – www.cupabangalore.org

Friendicoes (Delhi) – www.friendicoes.org

World For All (WFA, Mumbai) – www.worldforall.co


*Coexist does not have its own centre for street animals and does not endorse any centre.


2 Responses to A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indie-d!

  1. Vandana says:

    I would like to ask about cat rescue group. In our colony there are cats and they are loved by kids but not adults. Recently they have been complaining alot and I am worried they will be thrown out of the colony. If it is possible can you send us cat rescue group which can ensure their safety and well-being. Will be very appreciative if you could help.

    • admin says:

      Hi Vandana,

      We’re sorry to hear that. It would be best to approach an animal welfare organization in your vicinity. They would be able to help you find permanent, loving homes for the cats.
      – Team Coexist

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