7 items you can reuse at home!

Improper disposal of waste is a serious problem in India. Currently it is estimated that we produce 100,000 tonnes of trash per day and since we lack the infrastructure to dispose of this waste properly, most of it ends up in landfills across the country. It is time for us to re-think how and what we discard.Trust us, there are plenty of ways to re-use things that you thought were disposable.

Juice cartons:

Wait..aren’t these recyclable?’
They are! But most of our garbage never gets segregated and even recyclable items end up in a garbage dump. So the next time you’re done with that last glass of juice, keep the carton. You can cut off the top and use them as planters for small plants that you can keep around your house.

Empty toilet paper rolls:

Img source: christianpf.com
Surprisingly, these can be super handy! Their shape is great to wrap loose cords and wires around to make sure they don’t become a tangled mess.

Wine corks:


We all know the good stuff is inside the bottle but the cork can be pretty useful too. Instead of throwing it out , you can stick needles into it so they don’t roll around and get lost. Also, wine bottles are great to use as daily water bottles because of their quality.



Styrofoam is perfect for the budding artist in you! Cut it into a bespoke stencil or use the cutout as a stamp to give your artwork a little extra flair.

Tea bags:


Img source: www.more.com
Teabags actually contain a bunch of nutrients that are great for plant soil. Just cut them open after your afternoon cuppa and spread them around in a planter for your lovely house plants.


Don’t throw away those old, dirty curtains! When it’s time for a replacement, cut the old curtains into pieces which you can use around the house as cleaning cloths.

Old CDs and DVDs: 7

Img source: www.seniorsnews.com.au

With the advent of streaming services, CDs and DVDs have become obsolete. But if you’re like us, you probably have a drawer full of old CDs that you just can’t use anymore. Instead of chucking them in the bin, use them as coasters to protect your furniture or even cut them into small pieces and paste them onto a piece of fabric to make your very own art installation.
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