6 Easy Ways To Adopt an Eco-friendly Lifestyle

Adopting an eco – friendly lifestyle is not as daunting as it seems. It’s about making small changes with a less harmful impact on the earth and the environment.

1) Consume organic produce and try growing your own food


Try and consume food that is produced locally.  Create your own herb gardens; this is not only good for the environment but also better quality ingredients for you too2)

2) Use more public transport and walk wherever possible


This helps reduce pollution plus walking means incorporating some form of physical exercise in your daily routine

3) Recycle and reduce the amount of waste

Source: Groundswell

Source: Groundswell

As much as you can, opt for unpackaged food and carry your own shopping bag to the store when you go shopping. Reuse things or give them away if you’re not using them

4) Adopt modern technology


You can have access to everything thanks to the internet and you don’t need physical copies. Pay your bills online, screenshot your travel documents and access your bank statements online to adopt a paper-free lifestyle.

5) Encourage Composting


Composting is an easy process which takes plant and kitchen waste and turns it into food for plants. This considerably reduces the amount of waste that ends up at landfills.

6) Stop Littering!


If you see a person littering on the road stop them immediately. Educate them about the health hazards and inculcate the habit of disposing of your trash in a dustbin.

These changes, even though small make a significant difference. Its empowering to know how much of a difference ONE single person can make.




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