5 ways to host an eco-friendly event

Parties are always a great time for everybody but often create a huge mess. As a guest that’s never a headache but as a host it’s a whole ‘nother story. We’ve all been in that position, staring at the aftermath of a great night and stuck wondering about the amount of waste you managed to create in just a couple of hours. You collect all the plastic cutlery and paper plates and stare at the decorations that you know you’ll have to throw in the trash and wonder if there’s a better way. So, we’re here to tell you how you can make your event more eco-friendly.

1. Say no to single use items:

single use plastic

Fairly simple, but it’s not just plastic cutlery you should stay away from but also items like paper plates, wrapping paper, and tissue paper. Use cutlery and plates that can be washed and reused and tell your guests to not wrap the gifts they bring. Small changes like these go a long way.

2. Don’t overcook:

feast of food

As a host it’s hard to estimate exactly how much your guests will eat and you don’t want to be in the position of running out of food but planning portions will save a lot of food from being wasted. If you’re not sure about how much you should cook then…

3. Have a plan for the leftover food:

Distribute food
Biocycle Magazine

Ensure that the leftover food is used elsewhere. Take it for lunch for a couple of days or find an organization that can distribute the leftovers to the poor people around your neighbourhood.

4. Reuse decorations:


Instead of buying cheap decorations for every event, buy a few good quality decorations that can be reused. Things like streamers, banners are great to keep using again and again. Also try staying away from balloons and string spray because of its one time usability.

5. Tell your guests to carpool:

car pollution

One of the biggest causes of air pollution is the burning of fuel. Asking your guests to carpool means fewer cars which means lower levels of pollution. For you it also means less haggling with the watchman for parking which is always a good thing.


Okay, so obviously this increases the hassle for the host of the event but you don’t have to do it all alone. Get your gang to help you out and make it a pre-party. Even committing to just a single change creates a huge difference at the end of the event. So, go ahead and host your first eco-friendly get together right away!



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