5 Things you Need to Know Before you Foster a Dog 

What does it mean to be a foster parent? Fostering is providing a dog with an abundance of love and a temporary home till they’re ready to be adopted to a permanent one. It’s a win-win situation where you get to love a beautiful animal as they grow in confidence and prepare to get adopted. Here are some paw-inters to get started with fostering:

Be patient with them: Dogs taken in by shelters are abandoned and may have been abused. They’re scared and shy of new people and environments. Let them take their time to settle in. As a foster parent, try showering them with an unending stream of love and affection to make them feel safe.

Dedicate your time: Shelter dogs need at least 7-10 days to adjust to a new environment. They may need to be taught basic house behaviour and how to interact with other people and dogs. Try playing with them for at least an hour a day to make them active and energetic. Spending time together will only strengthen your bond.




Keep an eye out for adoption events: Since no dog can really drive that well, try registering and taking them for any adoption events happening near you. Watch them get playful with other dogs and flash those stunning puppy dog eyes to all the potential adopters.



Payment in the form of snuggles only: Animal shelters usually work on a really tight budget. Before you bring home a foster dog, stock up on all the essentials like food, toys, leashes and lots of playtime!



It’s okay to let go: No, not their leash. This is an emotional goodbye. Getting attached is common but they have to move onto something stable. Visiting them after they have been adopted is always an option you have, but give them the time to get used to their new home.


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