5 nature documentaries to beat the quarantine blues


The last few months we’ve spent in self-quarantine have mostly been spent thinking and worrying about the future. It’s been difficult, for some more than others, but one thing that’s common is the appreciation we’ve developed for the world we live in. We all just miss being outside. It could be as simple as feeling the gentle breeze on your face to sitting by the sea, listening to the waves. And hopefully, we’ll be out there soon, enjoying everything nature has to offer, but till then here are 5 nature documentaries to beat the quarantine blues:

Blue Planet 2:


Img credits: cntraveller.in

If you’re new to the world of nature documentaries, Blue Planet 2 is sure to get you hooked from the minute you click play. Narrated by the legendary Sir David Attenborough, Blue Planet 2 has some of the most striking visual storytelling the world has ever seen and you’ll find yourself in complete disbelief at some of the things you witness during its seven episodes. Each episode takes a deep dive into the wonderful and mysterious organisms that live in our oceans, featuring breathtaking sequences. Over the course of the series, you’ll discover a whole new world that is beautiful, intriguing, and occasionally terrifying. The crew travelled to 39 countries and captured more than 6000 hours of footage to create what some are calling the greatest nature series ever produced. This is a piece of art that you just can’t miss and who knows, maybe it’ll give you some ideas for that post-pandemic vacation.

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kAphgHhlteM



Dancing with the Birds:


Img credits: Netflix

Need some new moves to bust out on the dance floor or maybe add some flash at a stay-at-home rager? Well then, look no further than Dancing with the Birds. This hilarious, albeit beautiful, documentary takes a whimsical look at the world of birds as they perform their mating rituals to attract a prospective mate. But the thing that sets this nature documentary apart is how it doesn’t take itself too seriously, it exists just to entertain you with some crazy dances and birds you’ve never seen before.

TRAILER :  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6po8dWuvCI



Chasing Coral:


Img credits: earth.com

Corals are one of the most spectacular species on our planet and integral to the foundation of our ecosystem but in recent years, their survival has been threatened. Chasing Coral takes you underwater and shows you first-hand the effects of climate change on the coral. It follows the journey of a scientific team as they explore the changing landscape of corals by setting up cameras under the ocean, and the complications that make this such a feat. Prepare yourself for some stunning visuals, new revelations and a sudden urge to learn how to dive. But more than anything, it’s a great way to learn about how we can help before it’s too late .

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b6fHA9R2cKI



Night on Earth:


Img credits: Netflix


If the title isn’t obvious enough, Night on Earth explores the mysteries of the dark. But prepare for your mind to be blown because this six-part series has some of the most magnificent and ethereal shots ever. Everything from plants to animals take on this alien quality, reminiscent of a James Cameron film. And that’s the most distinguishing thing about this series. Yes, there have been other series that showcase what seem like other-worldly creatures but with Night on Earth it feels more like peeling back what we see on the surface and stepping into a new reality. These visual visuals have been made possible by utilising advanced cameras that are extra sensitive to moonlight, giving them the ability to see what our eyes can’t. Definitely a must watch!

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7Ql4xmu9xk





Img credits: OMEGA

Terra is unique in its storytelling. It focuses not only on our rapidly disappearing environment and decreasing bio-diversity, but on the relationship between them and humanity. It looks at the big picture of our interactions with the environment around us through brilliant visual storytelling. It’s beautiful to watch, and haunting to contemplate but it entertains throughout its length. Add this to your must watch list, especially if you’re looking for  a deeper understanding of what ails our planet.

TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pMScorWcyU


These films really help put our world into perspective. They show us things we’ve never known or thought existed, and just makes us understand the world we live in, better. We’re not the only ones here and that makes it our responsibility to be mindful and take care of our planet and all the organisms we share it with.

Which are your favourite nature documentaries? Add them to the list.


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