3 Path Breaking Environmental Innovations

Innovative solutions that actually help in building a sustainable future sometimes go unnoticed. These efforts are definitely more than small drops in a big ocean. Here are 3 such path-breaking Indian environmental endeavors worth knowing about:


Source: Better India


1) How free Wi-Fi is used as a means to encourage waste separation

Law College students Chanakya and Mani founded Reckarmate- a public service initiative that is trying to combat the problem of waste in landfills, child labor involved in the dumping and collection of waste and unscientific treatment of waste. They came up with a unique concept, “Wi-Fi Dustbins”. How does this work?

Step 1) Connect to your nearest Rekarmate bin

Step 2) Identify wet and dry garbage and dispose it off in the designated bin

Step 3) Free Wi-Fi! The bin generates a four-digit code which provides uninterrupted Wi-Fi access for 45 minutes.


2) This Hyderabad based start-up builds affordable homes with recycled plastic

 Major metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Kolkata generate about 10 million tons of garbage every day. Hyderabad based Gaia Homes, uses proprietary technology to construct modern eco homes and shelters ranging from 25-200 square meters made entirely from recycled plastic. These homes are said to last up to 500 years because of the nature of the plastic based material. They also work as a cost effective solution for the Government and NGOs seeking homes or shelters.


3) India’s first green mall has been set up in Thiruvananthapuram


The first green mall in the country was inaugurated at Thiruvananthapuram. A number of environmentally friendly initiatives in the mall make this project very unique. To begin with the façade of the mall, it is completely covered by a vertical garden. Secondly, three organic waste converters with a total capacity to treat 2.5 tones of food waste per day have been installed. These converters will process food waste to manure in seven days. The sewage treatment plant, which can process three lakh litres of waste per day, will help in recycling water. This recycled water will be used in cooling towers in air conditioners, in toilet flush tanks and for irrigation needs of the mall. Lastly, reusable cutlery will be used in the mall’s food court.


We hope these initiatives pave the way to an environmentally sustainable India!




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